2018 Summary

2018 turned out to be another productive recording year for the Fungal Friends group. Here are the CATE2 database statistics for the last 5 years:

  • 2018: 4680 records of 684 species
  • 2017: 4481 records of 645 species
  • 2016: 3635 records of 631 species
  • 2015: 3475 records of 599 species
  • 2014: 3618 records of 538 species

Total for all years: 28707 records of 1206 species.

In addition, 22 public walks were led by group members with over 300 folks attending.


Entwistle Reservoir – 11/11/2018

Leader: Dave Higginson-Tranter

A rather wet and chilly walk for 6 of us in a promising area. Although the season appears to be be winding down, a decent total of 95 species were seen and recorded.

Sarcomyxa serotina

Russula nigricans

Fuscoporia ferrea

Clavulina cinerea

MIND gardening group at Erddig

A talk and a walk with a lovely bunch of folk from the local MIND gardening group today. 23 species were noted.

Trooping Funnel (Clitocybe geotropa)

Candlesnuff Fungus (Xylaria hypoxylon)


Jelly Rot (Phlebia tremellosa)

The Common Nettle – book release

The Common Nettle – An appreciative view by our very own Dave Higginson-Tranter has just been published. A must-read for those following the ecological road less traveled as well as would-be appreciators of this much maligned herbaceous under-dog. Available direct from Dave (fungalpunk@hotmail.co.uk) for the princely sum of £7.

Erddig NT – 24/10/2018

Another fine Apple Festival foray at Erddig with 8 folks.

A total of 48 species were identified in a 3 hour walk.

Full list and a few pictures below.

Phellinus pomaceousCushion Bracket
Laccaria laccataDeceiver
Clavaria fragilisWhite Spindles
Bolbitius titubansYellow Fieldcap
Tricholoma scalpturatumYellowing Knight
Armillaria ostoyaeDark Honey Fungus
Hygrocybe chlorophanaGolden Waxcap
Hygrocybe virgineaSnowy Waxcap
Hygrocybe psittacinaParrot Waxcap
Coprinopsis lagopusHare's Foot Inkcap
Gymnopilus junoniusSpectacular Rustgill
Fistulina hepaticaBeefsteak Fungus
Lepista flaccidaTawny Funnel
Collybia butyraceaButtercap
Mycena leptocephalaNitrous Bonnet
Lycoperdon pyriformeStump Puffball
Amanita rubescensBlusher
Cheilymenia granulata
Stereum hirsutumHairy Curtain Crust
Coprinellus micaceusGlistening Inkcap
Lepista nudaWood Blewitt
Phragmidium violaceumBramble Rust
Inonotus radiatusAlder Bracket
Rhytisma acerinumTar Spot
Bisporella citrinaLemon Disco
Pholiota alnicolaAlder Scalycap
Polyporus badiusBay polypore
Hypomyces aurantiusOrange Polypore Mould
Schizopora paradoxaSplit Porecrust
Clitocybe geotropaTrooping Funnel
Peniophora limitata
Ganoderma australeArtist's Bracket
Psathyrella piluliformisCommon Stump Brittlestem
Kretzschmaria deustaBrittle Cinder
Ascocoryne cylichnium
Auricularia auricula-judaeJelly Ear
Pleurotus cornucopiaeBranching Oyster
Trametes gibbosaLumpy Bracket
Xylaria hypoxylonCandlesnuff Fungus
Kuehneromyces mutabilisSheathed Woodtuft
Trametes versicolorTurkeytail
Nectria cinnabarinaCoral Spot
Hyphodontia sambuciElder Whitewash
Lactarius pyrogalusFiery Milkcap
Scutellinia olivascensEyelash Fungus
Psathyrella candolleanaPale Brittlestem
Melanoleuca polioleucaCommon Cavalier
Lactarius subumbonatus

Bolbitius titubans (Yellow Fieldcap)

Hygrocybe chlorophana (Golden Waxcap)

Hygrocybe virginea (Snowy Waxcap)

Hygrocybe psittacina (Parrot Waxcap)

Coprinopsis lagopus (Hare’s Foot Inkcap)

Lepista flaccida (Tawny Funnel)

Lycoperdon pyriforme (Stump Puffball)

Coprinellus micaceous (Glistening Inkcap)

Gymnopilus junonius (Spectacular Rustgill)

Lepista nuda (Wood Blewit)

Inonotus radiatus (Alder Bracket)

Pholiota alnicola (Alder Scalycap)

Schizopora paradoxa (Split Porecrust)

Psathyrella piluliformis (Common Stump Brittlestem)

Ascocoryne cylichnium

Trametes gibbosa (Lumpy Bracket)

Scutellinia olivascens (Eyelash Fungus)

Kuehneromyces mutabilis (Sheathed Woodtuft)

Erddig NT – 17/10/2018

A fine fungal foray with a dozen folks as part of the Apple Festival at Erddig National Trust property.

A total of 50 species were found. Full list and some pictures below.

Phellinus pomaceousCushion Bracket
Coprinus comatusShaggy Inkcap
Amanita vaginataGrisette
Inocybe geophyllaWhite Fibrecap
Mycena polygrammaGrooved Bonnet
Lactarius subdulcisMild Milkcap
Amanita rubescensThe Blusher
Armillaria melleaHoney Fungus
Armillaria ostoyaeDark Honey Fungus
Fistulina hepaticaBeefsteak Fungus
Hypholoma fasciculareSulphur Tuft
Gymnopilus junoniusSpectacular Rustgill
Laetiporus sulphureusChicken of the Woods
Cheilymenia granulata
Phragmidium violaceumViolet Bramble Rust
Pluteus cervinusDeer Shield
Hygrophoropsis aurantiacaFalse Chanterelle
Calvatia giganteaGiant Puffball
Collybia butyraceaButter Cap
Marasmius oreadesFairy Ring Champignon
Agaricus silvicolaWood Mushroom
Ganoderma australeSouthern Bracket
Lycoperdon pyriformeStump Puffball
Mycena sanguinolentaBleeding Bonnet
Calocera corneaSmall Stagshorn
Dacrymyces stillatusCommon Jellyspot
Panaeolus fimicolaTurf Mottlegill
Nectria cinnabarinaCoral Spot
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa
Inonotus radiatusAlder Bracket
Bisporella citrinaLemon Disco
Coprinellus micaceusGlistening Inkcap
Ganoderma applanatumArtist's Bracket
Oudemansiella mucidaPorcelain Fungus
Pleurotus cornucopiaeBranching Oyster
Hypoxylon fragiformeBeech Woodwart
Psathyrella conopilusConical Brittlestem
Kretzschmaria deustaBrittle Cinder
Mycena arcangelianaAngel's Bonnet
Rhytisma acerinumTar Spot
Scleroderma verrucosumScaly Earthball
Auricularia auricula-judaeJelly Ear
Parasola plicatilisPleated Inkcap
Stereum hirsutumHairy Curtain Crust
Mycena galericulataCommon Bonnet
Tricholoma scalpturatumYellowing Knight
Stereum subtomentosumYellowing Curtain Crust
Hebeloma sinapizansBitter Poisonpie
Trametes gibbosaLumpy Bracket
Hygrocybe cantharellusGoblet Waxcap

Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Inkcap)

Lactarius subdulcis (Mild Milkcap)

Mycena polygramma (Grooved Bonnet)

Fistulina hepatica (Beefsteak Fungus)

Gymnopilus junonius (Spectacular Rustgill)

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (False Chanterelle)

Mycena sanguinolenta (Bleeding Bonnet)

Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa – a Slime Mould

Bisporella citrina (Lemon Disco)

Ganoderma applanatum (Artists’s Bracket)


Parasola plicatilis (Pleated Inkcap)

Tricholoma scalpturatum (Yellowing Knight)

Hygrocybe cantharellus (Goblet Waxcap)

Hebeloma sinapizans (Bitter Poisonpie)

Lentinellus cochleatus var. inolens – first record for Wales

Previously only recorded in CATE2 as far north as Worcestershire, Lentinellus cochleatus var. inolens has been found in a wood near Llangollen by Fungal Friends member Ian Staniforth. This variant is distinguished from the principal species by the lack of aniseed smell and absence of chlamydospores in the pileipillis (Funga Nordica 2nd edition reprint 2018, p. 115).

Photos: Ian Staniforth

Euura weiffenbachii – first English record

What do field mycologists do during the drought season? Bugs, birds, insects, flowers, trees, galls – you name it, if it’s alive we record it!

Congratulations to Dave & Gill Higginson-Tranter on finding and identifying the gall Euura weiffenbachii on Creeping Willow at Ainsdale – the first English record.

Euura weiffenbachii (photo: Ant Marriott)