Pothole Quarry – 29/04/2018

Leader: John Ratcliffe

A visit to this interesting calcareous broadleaf woodland produced a final list of 41 species, including Morchella semilibera, Dumontinia tuberosa, Dichomitus campestris, Pholiotina aporos, Geastrum fimbriatum, and Calocybe gambosa.

Morchella semilibera

Pholiotina aporos

January challenge – 2018

A light-hearted group challenge to see who could record the most species in the month resulted in 571 records of 169 species in total with a few new finds for the group. Quite a haul for what is generally a quiet month. Who won? You’ll have to look on Facebook!

Omphalina hepatica/subhepatica

Hair Ice (Exidiopsis effusa)


Delamere Forest – 3/12/2017

Leader: Julie Rose

A group visit to one of our regular sites. A total of 51 species were noted. An area to the north of Delamere Road had been clear-felled since our last visit.

Crepidotus epibryus

Skeletocutis amorpha

Cudoniella acicularis